We pause for a moment from the McCarver portion of our season…

Headline on MLB.com:

“Kobe offers words of encouragement to A-Rod”

I read only the headline … it’s all that’s necessary.


Tonight’s gem from Tim McCarver

Bottom of the eighth …  Aubrey Huff hits a sinking fly to center …  Jon Jay makes an amazing diving catch, with his wrist twisting in an awkward fashion.  Our boy T.M. says that “it’s a difficult play for any athlete or outfielder to make.”  I agree that it would be quite difficult for an athlete such as, say, Roger Federer to make such a play.  Hard to catch a ball with a tennis racket.  On second thought, I guess Tim is correct for once.

This is the time of year when I talk about Tim McCarver

Let me start by saying that Tim McCarver is a real gentleman and an interesting person.  If you’ve seen Bob Costas’ joint interview of McCarver and Bob Gibson, you know what I mean.  McCarver’s unabashed love and admiration for Bob Gibson are really amazing, and in my opinion nothing but sincere.  And, of course, I’ve met McCarver and he’s a nice guy.  That being said….

He’s really an AWFUL baseball announcer.  And as long as Fox has post-season baseball, I’ll be giving specific examples…

Tonight during the Cards-Giants game, he brought up Derek Jeter’s injury as follows: “Derek Jeter’s injury is deplorable.” Now the common meaning of “deplorable” applies to terrible behavior by a person, as in “The actions of the guy who injured Derek Jeter were deplorable.”  Did McCarver mean Jhonny Peralta, who hit the ball into the play in which Jeter was hurt?  I don’t think so, but as usual, McCarver is full of himself when he announces a game with his lapdog J0e Buck and you don’t quite know what exactly he ever means.

Dick Stockton should know better.

Dick Stockton, who has been announcing baseball since Ty Cobb was in Little League, should know better.  Last night, Yadier Molina came up in the ninth, Stockton says “He’s flied out twice, grounded out, and walked; he’s 0 for 3 officially.”  Officially?  What the hell does that mean?  He’s 0 for 3 period.  Dick (the name is certainly appropriate here), there is no such thing as an “unofficial” at-bat.  A walk is simply not an at-bat.  So please cut the “officially” crap … it makes you sound like a moron.   PS … enjoyed your call of Carlton Fisk’s home run … it was the last time I enjoyed any of your work.

The Grandy Man

Yesterday I spoke to a customer service rep for one of my credit cards.  She told me that her name was Marla Granderson.  Of course I asked her if she’s related to Curtis … she told me that he’s her nephew.  We had a nice conversation about the fact that I hate the Yankees, but I was a fan of Curtis when he was a Tiger.  She laughed when I did my dreadful John Sterling impression of “Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Yankees lose”.  A very courteous and gracious woman.